Frequently Asked Questions

What is the APHVC?

As a project of the Academic Public Health Department, the Academic Public Health Volunteer Corps (APHVC) is a collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Massachusetts Health Officers Association, local boards of health, and twelve public health educational institutions across Massachusetts, with input from the Massachusetts Public Health Association.

The mission of the APHVC is to leverage public health students, alumni, and expert volunteers to augment, amplify, and promote local public health efforts in Massachusetts.

What will I do as an APHVC volunteer?

Local Boards are requesting the most volunteer support for contact tracing

We also have heard from local health departments regarding other needs including communication (social media), data analysis, materials translation, and policy research. We know many of you have these skills and we will try our best to align your skills with their needs.

All work will be done remotely.

Who will I hear from after I submit the form?

There are team leads that coordinate a group of volunteers with each local board of health. A team lead will reach out to you and tell you which board, or boards, you are working with. They will tell you specific next steps in terms of scheduling, training, needs and meetings. Please respond promptly to their emails. Things are moving very quickly and we need to move fast once a team is deployed.

What can I do now?

Most trainings will consist of about 2-3 hours of material to review, including information on confidentiality and privacy. Part of the material can be viewed online: 

Local Public Health in Massachusetts

Dealing with Stress in a Crisis  

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